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The Art of wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry in itself is classic and beautiful. It brings out the elegance and poise of the woman since the longest time in history of jewelry adornment. Women love them! However, there are some women who are hesitant to own a piece of gemstone jewelry,  because they are unsure how to wear it with their attires. The truth is besides wearing gemstone jewelry as fashion, it helps to elevate the look; adds personality, details and beauty to an ensemble.

Let’s explore the various ways how a lovely piece of gemstone jewelry can transform a woman’s wardrobe and her daily fashion sense!

strawberry quartz bracelet
Get a classic signature piece to make it your very own 

To begin, it will be easy to incorporate a gemstone piece into your daily wardrobe by picking a chic and simple piece and make it your signature daily jewelry. You can pair it with any outfit according to your taste and preference, and over time, it will bring up your personal flair and brand. For instant, a piece of the gemstone beads bracelet can be a good choice to consider to wear it on its own for a simpler touch. As more women today look for pieces that can become a signature item for them, the demand for unique and versatile jewelry has comparatively increased.

Choose bold gemstone jewelry to contrast a simple outfit

As the saying goes, an outfit brings out the wearer’s personality, and so with the right gemstone jewelry will further enhance a positive or chic or funky image to people. You can have bold colors and fun designs from necklace to earrings to rings or all together,  to match your attire to create the type of image impression. When it comes to taking an outfit to the next level, bold gemstone jewelry is hard to beat. Add a piece or two to your outfit on rainy days or when you just need an extra boost of confidence. Throw on your favorite bright shade of lipstick and you’ll be ready to outshine any troubles that come your way.

freshwater pearl choker Necklace with natural agate
Create elegance and chic look with delicate sets of gemstone jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is not necessarily a spotlight of the show whenever you decide to put it on to your work outfit or evening dress. Sometimes just a touch of color and sparkle in the right places, it can bring a whole new level of refinement to your outfit effortlessly. For instance, the wearing of the freshwater pearl choker necklace with natural agate piece, is suitable for every occasions. Pearls are a central piece in any jewelry box, but pairing them with gemstone jewelry can make both pieces pop and create a fabulous spring look. Pearls tend to make gemstones look lighter and fresher, whereas the beautiful colors of gemstones make pearls look less austere. If you’re going for a pretty, delicate look, this is a fantastic combo.

Show off your personality through color

Gemstone jewelry allows us to play with colors. From the psychology studies point , different colors affect the mind in a positive way. They also can display different meanings, which can not only affect your own mood, but affect how others see you.  For example, blue is seen as conservative. Red is power and aggression. Brighter colors such as yellow and orange represent warmth not only with emotions but also with temperature. Cool colors are blue, green, black or any color with a dark shade.  Hence, choosing right piece of gemstone jewelry in your favorite colors should be fun and expressive, as well as mood boosting!

Put up a vintage look with traditional gemstone jewelry

Vintage jewelry is a fave for modern designers today in reminiscing the olden days from the early centuries to the hippy 60s and 70s. Their jewelry designs and creation would add in pieces of vintage-inspired jewelry with different types of gemstones to bring out the modern twist and glamour. Pulling off a cute vintage look, whether it’s for a theme party or just as part of your wonderfully quirky style, can seem complicated but easy if you already have cultivated your own dressing styles and preferences. But as with any outfit, having the right jewelry can set the tone of the look you’re going for, and can make your ensemble seem complete.

Gemstone jewelry is one of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe. These pieces will not only give you more power to custom-tailor your look, they are also a simple way to impress everyone you meet.

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