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The Rings Of Truths

Since 6000 years ago, ancient Romans and Egyptians had started wearing rings for different purposes and that being stretched to today, that by wearing rings, it is a symbol of love forever. But have we wondered how to wear rings based on their meaning according to each finger? What about the ring style? Do you know that rings have different meanings depending on the finger you wear them?

Let’s begin to understand the types of Rings and their style
  • A solitaire ring has a single center stone usually in bezel or prong setting. It is ideal for any occasion, and a woman’s precious love jewelry in her closet.
  • A three-stone ring has a center between two smaller stones. It can be wear on both formal and informal occasions.
  • A halo ring has a center stone in a bezel setting surrounded by one or two channels of smaller stones. Wear it for formal occasions or cocktail parties as it is a statement ring.
  • A cluster ring has many smaller gemstones clustered together. It is perfect for a night out or even a formal gathering.
  • A cocktail ring is a big statement ring great for cocktail or club parties, as  well as formal occasions. It is wear alone without bracelet or necklace.
  • A simple band without gemstones is versatile and can be worn any time.
  • A geometric ring is creative and contemporary to wear with simple minimal outfits.
  • A stack ring are multiple bands stacked together, creating a thicker ring band.
After understanding the different Ring Types and Styles, let’s jump into figuring how to wear Rings on Each Finger.

When we put rings on the left hand it associates the meaning of love and romance in almost every culture because of its proximity to the heart. However, there are exception to this rule.

⇒ The pinky finger where in the past, wearing two rings would mean the marital status. But right now, it carries a different meaning to that of a mafia connection.

⇒ The ring finger is usually reserved for wedding band, as the Romans believed that there was a vein that traveled directly to the heart from the ring finger.

⇒ The middle finger has more to do with demonstration of non-verbal power to accept responsibility and challenges.

⇒ The index finger represents leadership and also a show off position by wearing a statement ring in a party.

⇒ The thumb symbolizes stubbornness and hot temperament, but in recent years, it has become a fashion statement to adorn beautiful gemstone or cocktail ring on the thumb.

Rings on the right hand would symbolize creativity and professional goals.

⇒ The pinky finger on the right hand is reserved for professional status such as in engineering and ecology fields. Some people may wear this professional ring on their left pinky finger if they are left-handed.

⇒ The ring finger may refer to marital or engaged status for people living in Germany, Russia or India. For rest of the world, it means creativity and resourcefulness. In astrology, the right ring finger is associated with moon, which means tranquility and femininity.

⇒ The middle finger stands for balance and strong beliefs, and especially for business meetings, people wear ring on this finger to assure their business partners that they are trustworthy.

⇒ The index finger suggests discretion and the ability to rule.

⇒ The thumb reveals people who are high in corporate ranking and to attract attention.

We can create a theme and wear different types of ring types and style it to our outfits to bring out our personalities.

  1. Gold or gold-plated rings – goes great with any outfit, but looks best with simple white shirts and pants. Try putting a rose gold ring and choose an yellow gold necklace and white gold earring for a shimmery look.
  2. Silver rings – are versatile and work wonder with stainless steel or titanium jewelry.
  3. Platinum rings – are elegant to style only with either platinium or white gold jewelry. Try to pair it with a pearl necklace to give an elegant outlook.
  4. Brass and copper rings – look wonderful with yellow gold and rose gold jewelry. They are more casual for any occasion.
  5. Gemstone rings – can be versatile depending on the stone. Semi-precious stones work with any jewelry type and outfit, but leave your precious stones for elegant occasions.

Happy rings hunting!


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