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Do You Have A Problem Wearing A Pearl Necklace?

Your loved one gifted you a jewelry in your birthday or anniversary celebration. You opened the jewelry box, and lights of happiness instantly shone out of your eyes – it’s a piece of stunning pearl necklace! You felt elated at receiving such loving thought from your loved one for the moment. But afterward, you felt clueless on how to put it on with your wardrobe? Sounds familiar of such thought in your head?

A pearl is a gemstone that has stepped into a league of its own. It is on par with diamonds, cocktail rings and hoop earrings as a jewelry box must-have. The moving and changing of time will not affect the ways how pearls are used as jewelry. In fact, they don’t ever go out of fashion and most women will own at least one pearl necklace in their lifetime.

Wearing a pearl necklace can be tricky but fun and expressive at the same time. Let’s do some debunking of the rules for wearing such a classic piece of gem here!

♥ “Pearl necklace” does not refer to classic pearl strand only. The descriptive word of ‘classic’ means the ‘timeless quality’, and so are pearls that we all know. Pearl necklace has more variety than just the traditional pearl strand. There are ways to play around with pearl colors, lengths and styles to find a necklace that elevate your look.

♥ If you love the classic strand then you can select with lengths that are right for you. Different lengths are good for different occasions and for different body types.

A choker necklace or princess length necklace is good with a strappy top or a Bardot top. It can be worn to a formal occasion or with casual top and jeans. Choose the pearl necklace length that is complement to your body and style.

The necklace comes in 4 different lengths:

  1. Choker in 16 inches
  2. Princess in 18 inches
  3. Matinee between 22 – 24 inches
  4. Opera between 30 – 32 inches

If you want to wear a pearl necklace to the office then matinee is a length that treads between the formal and casual. You can wear it with a suit or a work dress.

For busty women, wearing an opera style pearl necklace will elongate your figure and give the illusion of taller height. Do always have the option to get additional 5 inches to the opera length to balance with your body shape.

For petite women who love to adorn opera length necklace is best to have 30 inches length long. Anything longer will create a longish look on the body. Alternatively, layering the opera length by creating multi strand necklace is perfect for daytime wear for different looks.

Check out the link for inspiration ideas and designs how gemstones can be matched with pearls to create a refreshing piece of necklace for daily and occasion wear.

♥ A pearl’s size is another way you can style a pearl necklace to suit your outfit and look. There are various pearl sizes that you could experience and match to adorn with your ensemble.

  1. Graduated pearls can elongate the body as the perspective of the pearl necklace looks different from up close and far away.
  2. One large size pearl is just another fun and cool way to scale up the classic piece of jewelry instead of many standard sizes pearls.
  3. Oversized pearls are ideal for structural look as they work better as a single stone on a long pendant necklace or as a statement stone on a choker necklace.
  4. Pearls can be oval and organic in shape such as baroque and conch pearls, and not necessarily in spherical shape. Conch pearls are naturally oval pink with glassy exterior and shine that run throughout the stone. The natural creation of these pink pearls makes them very rare and highly coveted.

♥ Pearls also come in varied colors such as pinks, blacks and golds that catch anyone’s fancy.  Even white pearls can look very different from one another. Be it pearls with yellow or gray hues, you could choose one that complement your skin tone and existing jewelry. For warm skin tone, choose a yellow, brown, ivory or champagne hue. Whereas for cool skin tone, go for pearl colors in gray, white, metallic and blue lusters.

Black pearls, known as Tahitian pearls, are never truly jet black. They are second rarest after natural pearls that are organic and hence very valuable. Tahitian pearls come in purple, green and blue hues which give real depth and detail to the jewelry that make them unique and exotic.

Check it up at MyWishBox for more selections of pearl necklace styles and colors.

Pearl necklaces have been getting more playful and edgy today. They incorporate design features such as unusual cuts and embellishments like spikes and shark teeth! A mother-of-pearl flat disc is another way of wearing a pearl necklace without wearing a pearl strand. This is a trend that’s gaining popularity with more designers working with flat pearls to create striking and contemporary twists to such a classic gemstone.

The next time you go for jewelry shopping, do consider getting a pearl necklace of your choice. Keep in mind of the pearl’s color, luster and hue and picking a necklace length to compliment your outfit and body type.

If you haven’t already, it’s time you invest in a good pearl necklace by checking more designs on MyWishBox. Wearing pearls will never go out of fashion and style!

Join in the pearls hunting fun today!


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