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Have You Considered Pearl Earrings?

When we describe timeless and classic jewelry, we think of pearls as one of the most beautiful of all types of jewelry. Pearl studs are a staple of most women’s jewelry collection. They are simple, classy and elegant to be worn easily from day to night in any outfit.

Will pearl studs be too old-fashioned and outdated? Of course not! Pearl studs will always have their place in this modern fashion world.

Today, we can find pearl studs in a range of unique and creative designs than just the typical perfectly round pearls with simple backing mechanism attached. Also, the pearl earrings come in variety of colors, shapes and sizes, bringing the quintessential idea of pearl studs in our 21st century world.

Natural Freshwater White Pearl Earrings in Minimalist Design

Let’s break down the types of pearl stud earrings a woman can get.

♠ The Classic – This type of pearl studs will never go out of style. It highlights the pearl and its soft look against the skin, without other materials to distract. Keep it simple yet sophisticated with this look. It can go with a minimalist design blend to any outfit.

♠ The Diamond Rimmed – When diamonds are added to pearls, they complement each other beautifully. Diamonds add the sparkle that pearls lack, while pearls bring in the subdued elegance they’re known for. A match made in fashion heaven.

♠ The Imperfect Odd – baroque pearl has different shapes and sizes that are appealing to the eyes at first glance, as they look like a regular pearl, but in fact they are uniquely different! Baroque pearls are perfect for the off-beat fashionista or the trailblazer, or anyone to appreciate their distinctive designs.

Colorful Real Freshwater Pearl Earrings Fine Boho Jewelry

♠ The Sweet Pretty – This lovely pair of tiny pearl beads earrings is beautiful to look and own. The bohemian design brings out the unconventional display of fashion trend and unique personality.

Now that we know there are different types and styles of pearl studs or hook earrings we could choose from, we still have to consider the following before we get the perfect pair.

1. Budget – depending on the pearls types e.g. freshwater or south sea produced, the price range of pearl studs can vary differently. Having a budget for the type of pearl studs will assist your purchase options.

2. Skin Tone – pearls come in a range of body hues and overtones, so there is a perfect pair for everyone!

  • White pearl studs suit all skin types.
  • Black pearl studs are versatile color and typically look great against any skin type.
  • Pink and lavender pearl studs complement fairer skin with cool undertones.
  • Golden pearl studs create luxurious appearance and suitable for darker skin tones, while champagne colored pearl studs complement light skin the best.

Remember that these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. You can always play around with fashion guidelines.

3. Personal Style – this boils down to personal preferences, whether to have a pair of pearl studs with bohemian look or a sophisticated, elegant appearance? The type of jewelry one likes, large, statement pieces or subtle, delicate styles and so forth. Hence knowing one’s style, or the image to portray, will help one to pick from the vast arrays of pearl stud choices available.

Pearls are and will always be in high demands selling in big jewelry stores. For brand prestige and quality, pick a name like Cartier or Tiffany. However, for pearl specialists and great prices, opt for a retailer who specializes in pearls.

Another good consideration is to shop online platforms for variety of choices in terms of colors; quality and price. It is that convenient in today as many people are shopping online. Shop for your favorite pair today at MyWishBox now!

Find your pearl earrings today!


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