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Make Your Jewelry Shines!

make jewelry shines!

Blink, blink!

The shiny galore of the jewelry isn’t just make us love them more to make sure its luster is well maintain throughout its lifespan? Whether it’s a wedding in the family or some other special occasion, jewelry often tops the list of memorable gifts for most of us. Once we purchased our precious jewelry, we must have the right knowledge and upkeep them so that they can shine forever.

According to the jewelry experts, taking care of your jewelry and gems are equally important. When we buy jewelry, we are often told that it is guaranteed for life. However, it’s important to be mindful on how we treat jewelry at all times of the year.

As the saying goes, if jewelry is well maintained, it will transcend generations, when given an ounce of care.

Clean the jewelry after wearing

It is always good practice to clean the jewelry before storing as sweat and moisture could change the color of the pieces and make them look old. Use a piece of linen instead of any material with rough textures, as this will create friction on the surface of the jewelry during cleaning or wiping. Once done, store the jewelry in dark places. But ideally, a jewelry box with multiple slots should be preferred or store jewelry separately in boxes to avoid scratching. Use anti-tarnish paper to wrap the jewelry individually to maintain the shine of the jewelry.

Store it well.

If we love wearing the same piece of jewelry again and again, then we must know how to maintain it. How we store it can determine how long it lasts. Remember, do not dump one piece of jewelry on another. Each piece of jewelry should be kept with some space or thin soft fabric in between. If we have gemstones, extra care and protection must be given as every gemstone is soft and if comes into contact with other hard jewelry, it will scratch off the gemstone surface.

Thorough cleaning is recommended.

There is never a best time to dig out our jewelry that has been sitting inside the box or cupboard to clean it. Get professional help to clean, polish, and resurrect fallen pearls, dislocated gems, loosened prongs, etc. that are caused by wear and tear. A professional jeweler who routinely offers this service will have the infrastructure to work on pieces and will help to bring back the shine and usability of old forgotten jewelry.

For gemstones, we may use a degauss crystal for cleansing as most semi-precious stones have natural properties to absorb all the impurities from our body and will need to be cleansed periodically to revive back their positive energy.

Check the jewelry.

As and when time is permissible, it is good to check the jewelry to see if the links are getting loose, strings snapping, clasps opening up, stones falling, changes in size and tarnishing of metals? If the above mentioned changes, then it’s time to visit the jeweler for maintenance and fixes.

Keep beauty products away from jewelry.

Only put on the jewelry such as earrings or necklace after putting on facial products such as lotions, perfume or hairspray. There are chemicals in these beauty products that may damage the precious jewels. Jewelry isn’t meant to be worn 24/7 so give it a break and show some love to other pieces. By not repeating to wear on same piece of jewelry, it will feel much breather.

Quick cleaning hack.

We can perform a quick cleaning jewelry at home for those regular wear diamond jewelry. Cleanse them in warm water and brush with a soft toothbrush in an interval of 15 days to a month. After washing the jewelry, use a simple soft linen cloth to wipe off water and dirt. This will help to retain shine in jewelry for everyday use.

Jewelry enhances the beauty of women. It is an integrated component of style and fashion. When women wear jewelry it makes them more beautiful and elegant. So cherish the jewelry pieces with love and care, to help them shine and, in return, the woman shines!

Let’s love and care for our jewelry today!


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