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Layer Your Necklaces Like A Pro

When jewelry is concerned, there are many ways that can be done with styling it to suit the dress code, and even make a powerful jewelry statement that is personally yours. If you are a trend follower, then you need to know the latest and the most fashionable styles of accessorizing jewelry right now!

Stacking up your jewelry is the new way to create a standout look. If you do not have enough of sparkly baubles, then this way of styling will please you. Whether you are wearing a simple dress or a formal one, a combination of necklaces can be a great way to update your look. You can mix and match, try long sautoirs and just have fun by assembling a new look.

♦ Mix and match chains

This is a fun way for experiment with layer chains in your own way. By mixing and matching chains and pendants can create an unique personality that is yours to own. If you are in a good experimenting mood, you could wear a bunch of chains at once like supermodel, Gigi Hadid. Use delicate and thin chains to create the look of sophistication wear and not clutter around the neck.

♦ Update signature jewelry

Many women also like to wear one piece jewelry without removing it. It maybe for reasons for special, customized or hold a sentimental value. So if you are one of them, wearing a dainty necklace daily, you can use this style to update your signature  neckpiece by layering new chains over it. This will create another refreshing outlook for your dress code.

♦ Use one color and style

Another easy way is to go for similar-looking designs such as metals or stones to layer the jewelry. For instance, you could style with diamond necklaces, and make sure each individual piece stands out. You could don with three necklaces, which are of different lengths and designs, but have diamonds in common as the center piece!

♦ Use different lengths and designs

You can go for different short and long lengths and also experiment with metals and pearls to give a varied looks in the outfit. Wearing multiple delicate chains with different charms and pendants is vastly popular in today. Alternatively, wearing a thin rose-gold sautoir with white gold chains or pearl necklace creates classic trend and personality.

♦ Experiment with chunky jewelry

It will be fun and expressive to wear chunkier pieces of jewelry besides the dainty ones. You could blend in with multi-length chains and pendants together with the chunky ones to showcase bold statement jewelry in your style, that is attention grabbing. Go for a quirky look today!

♦ Try the all-in-one piece

One of the easiest ways will be to invest in an all-in-one necklace that may be readily available in the jewelry store. You can also experiment by attaching the existing jewelry pieces with the help from the jewelry store. This will become your unique signature jewelry design that cannot be found anywhere else!

Start your layering journey today!


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