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Jewelry For Women Working From Home

Here we are in 2021 – a year of tremendous change and unpredictability, even vulnerability due to the sudden hit of Covid 19 virus. It has brought about changes to everyone of us in our daily life and at work, creating impacts that we all need to adjust and adapt! The arrival of COVID-19 resulting consequences have meant global lockdowns and confinement to homes, among many other things. One important result of the lockdown is the transition to the world of the internet.

Women, being part of the labor workforce, is now required to work from home. Unlike before, she will spend all her time at home, start working morning in front of the computer and taking care of the family and children same time under the same living space.

So now, your routine may be in a mess, and you stand in front of the mirror in the morning and wondered “Should I wear these earrings? Is this necklace too gaudy?” since you are working from home, you figure you may not require to dress up nicely and presentably like before in office.

But you are wrong! Be it working in the office or from home, the proper business attire including women’s jewelry adornment is a form of respect work ethnic and standard for working people.

One important aspect to remember is that with work-from-home, webcam-assisted meetings, you need not go for lower-body jewelry. This means while anklets might be your favorite thing to wear – it doesn’t really show in the webcam. Thus, focus on accessorizing well your upper body, with necklaces to rings and bracelets – sky’s the limit.

When you’re not sure if you’re wearing too much jewelry to the office at home, go with the fewest pieces possible. A general rule of thumb is that it’s okay to wear a watch or bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a necklace.


Natural Freshwater White Pearl Earrings in Minimalist Design

When attending work-related meetings or a regular day at work, remember to display minimalist jewelry pieces. While pops of color and funky earrings might be your favorite thing to wear – they might not classify as the right workwear jewelry. This means, when attending work – virtual or practical – you might have to ditch your Cheetah-inspired studs and heart-shaped earrings for something minimalist and elegant.

Alternately, subtle diamond earrings such as the Gold Star Diamond Earrings is a wonderful example of exactly the kind of work-from-home jewelry you should don.

Studs for a classic look

When in meetings, always remember to wear noiseless jewelry. This means long, dangling, and especially noisy jewelry shouldn’t be your first choice, especially if you are heading the meeting. In such a case, studs will work best.

However, the kind of studs you need to perfect your work-from-home look certainly aren’t the regular, run-off-the-mill studs you see every day. Nothing beats a simple pair of pearl earrings to call your own. It brings out the elegance and chicness to your attire for whatever occasion you are in.

Back-To-Classic Vintage Natural Shell Pearl Beads Stud Earrings

Pendant  and Necklace 

Having a pair of earrings without a matching piece of necklace is surely lacking. A great way to up your game of work-from-home looks is by picking the perfect pendant or necklace. Most of us have a wide collection  and only take them out of the jewelry box for special occasions. Well, this year has certainly taught us that every day is special, and thus we certainly do not need any reason to dress up.

Take out those lovely pendants and necklaces from the jewelry box, and match them with the attire you choose to wear everyday for your work-from-home meetings.

Au Chante Choker Necklace

Razzle-dazzle for the Hands

A decent ring and/or bracelet will make a difference to help grasp the attention of the viewer, and also exclaim elegance and poise while you conduct your virtual speech.

Check out My Chic Pearl Ring – a timeless piece features with natural pearl that can be worn alone, and may match up with the Baroque Pearl Kyanite Charm Bracelet in opulent and ornate design style of the Baroque period, and combining vintage look, it makes a perfect and unique jewelry accessory for all occasions.

However, there are many who don’t follow the norms of the work attires, and love to put their own blends in the look they don. If you are one of those, you can follow the same unique style you always have, even during the work-from-home routine.

Find a look that works for you, and continue your virtual endeavors with classic looks – or mix and match for a different look for each day.

Stay beautiful!


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