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Celebrate A Mother’s Love

hands of a mother

Each day she sees her child grown from a newborn to a toddler; then a puberty teen and an adult who will have his/her own family one day. Year after year, she witnesses the beautiful transformational changes of her family, with love and no regrets in her life. This is the greatest and powerful love from a mother on earth that we all received from the moment we opened our eyes to the world.

Hence today, the world celebrates Mother’s Day to commemorate this great sacrificial love that is like a Mother Theresa in every mother and she should be celebrated every day.

We all love our mothers, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to let her know that. It really doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to show your mother how much she means to you.

Spend a little time with her or give her the right words, a gift, or a favor to let her know just how well she did in raising a child who loves her. This is important to do now and then, whether you’re still young or grown with a family of your own.

And don’t save it for Mother’s Day or other holidays. You can show your mom that you appreciate her any time of year.

Show Mom the following ways to tell her how much you love and appreciate her in your life.

  1. Say it when she does something for you.
    Moms do so much for us. When she helps you, make sure you show your appreciation by saying so. Do more than just say, “Thank you”—be specific.
  2. Say, “I love you, Mom!”
    It’s simple but effective, and she probably doesn’t hear it often enough.
  3. Tell her how helpful her advice has been.
    Moms give a lot of advice. Be sure to let her know when it helps you. You can also tell her about advice in the past that has helped you. She’ll love hearing it.
  4. Call and tell her in the middle of the day.
    Call your mother in the middle of the work day and surprise her by telling her how much she means to you. She’ll love that you thought of her even in the middle of the day.
  5. Fix things in her house. This is especially helpful as your parents get older and can’t do everything for themselves.
  6. Do her yard work. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, or planting a garden, most moms love it when you help keep their yards in good shape.
  7. Babysit. If you have siblings young enough to still need babysitting, offer to take care of them for one night so that she can get out for an evening, whether alone, with your dad, with her own mother, or with friends.
  8. Make her breakfast in bed. It’s a much-loved classic. Mom’s worth getting up a little early for, isn’t she?
  9. Make her dinner. Show off whatever cooking skills you have and make dinner for your mom. Try to make it a little special. Don’t forget to clean up the kitchen after!
  10. Give her quiet time. A mother’s life is often hectic. Find a way to give her some quiet time to do the things she’d like to do.
  11. Get everyone to come home. As everyone grows up and starts doing more of their own things, it gets harder and harder to get everyone home at once. Make plans to have everyone home for a special dinner or just simple family time.
  12. Clean the house. Yes, the whole thing. Get into the details. Hire a housekeeper for the day if you prefer.
  13. Plan a surprise party in her honor. You don’t have to wait for her birthday or any other special day—in fact, an occasion not tied to a specific day makes it that much more meaningful. Find a way to get in contact with as many special people in her life as possible and have a party in her honor.
  14. Visit her. If you don’t live with your mom anymore, take some time to visit her. Make your time together a little extra special for her.
  15. Listen. We all have busy lives. Take a little time and listen to your mother.
  16. Take her to dinner. Make a reservation just for the two of you. And make sure it’s special, whether it’s a fancy restaurant, a picnic with a beautiful view, or someplace tied to special memories you both share.
  17. Take her out for a massage or spa day. Who doesn’t enjoy a day planned for indulgent relaxation? Get a certificate for her from Spa Finder if you can’t come along.
  18. Take her someplace special to you both. Go together to a place that has meaning to both of you.
  19. Go skydiving or on other adventures. Has your mom ever dreamed of doing something adventurous, such as skydiving or bungee jumping? Find a place and go have fun together.
  20. Take her on a picnic. Don’t let her do any of the work. Plan out the picnic at a favorite local site and let her enjoy it.

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A mother’s love never end, it is there from beginning to end.

Love and appreciate her today!

With loving thoughts


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