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Work-Life Balance For Working Mums

Work-Life Balance For Working Moms

Career-driven mums are often confronted with the tricky situation of maintaining a proper work-life balance between professional life and personal space at home with family and her inner self.

Although there is no certainty ‘golden rule’ that will apply to everyone, the fact of the matter is a number of worthwhile strategies can go a long way towards establishing a bit of peace and tranquility. So, how do you continue your career while finding the necessary time to devote to your child and family?

You are not supergirl

One of the issues that many new mums encounter is that they continue to believe they will be able to juggle multiple tasks the same way as they did prior to having a child. This is simply impossible. If you burn the candle at both ends, something will eventually give in. So set realistic goals for yourself in term of professional and personal life. Otherwise, you could find yourself close to burning out, and is not an ideal position to be in when a little one has just become part of the family.

strive for flexibility

Majority of businesses now provide flexible employment packages that are ideal for working mother in most countries. Make it a point to determine what are your options and if there is any possibility of working part from home on a part-time basis. Not only will you still be able to address day-to-day requirements, but you can be close to your child during the formative months. Do check up with your company HR to discuss for flexible options or arrangements.

home-based businesses

If there is still no option for you to have flexible work arrangement in your current employment, you could follow the 1.5 million workforce, who is mostly women in the United Kingdom to start your home-base business. Not only will you have the chance to be your own boss, but other perks such as determining your own working hours. Leverage on your professional skills or venture into new online ecommerce business to carve out a successful entrepreneurship.

set boundaries

Try to set boundaries when it comes to your availability wherever possible. When you are on ‘off hours’, stick to it 100% off (unless it’s an absolutely urgent matter to attend to your work). Do not feel guilty about taking vacation or shutting your phone or computer off to be with your family.  If anything, it makes you feel extremely in control of your life and when you are ‘on’ at work, you feel mentally available.

create quality family time

The easiest way to gain a little extra time in your busy work week is to schedule a takeout night: order a pizza to pickup or be delivered when you get home. Make it a picnic in the living room your kids will be sure to love. Best part? No dishes.

Plan a nice evening walk or bike rides outside as a family workout around the block or park. It will be a great time to spend with the children to have family time and find out about their day at school, etc.

On special days or occasions, you could plan a treat night or cooking that will be fun when the family comes together for the food selection and preparation. Doing activities out of the typical norm count as special time for the family.

A little planning of all these tips are achievable and realistic. It’s all about prioritizing and making it happen. Being present and engaging does wonders for your soul and their well-being.

Don’t forget to reward yourself!

One of the pitfalls associated with successful professionals is that they do not realize they have worked too hard until utter exhaustion sets in. This is why it is critical to allow yourself breathing room on a daily basis. As opposed to waiting until the psychological ‘pressure cooker’ overheats, set aside a bit of time every day when you can decompress in peace.

Take some personal time off to jog, mediate, read or simply watching a bit of television, or go onto online retail therapy for some shopping to reward yourself for job well done. Because you deserved it!

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