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Building Strong Family Bond And Joy


Accomplishing a strong family doesn’t happen by accident or ease. You and your partner will need to set the foundation right from the beginning during parenthood. It will set the solid base how your family will look in 10,15, and 20 years down the road for stronger family bond and ultimate joy.

Like any other things you do, you will put hard work and efforts to build an amazing and beautiful family with commitment and love. There will be 6 stellar actions you can take to make your family rock solid!

make the most of your family time

We have 24 hours a day to invest in our family and that isn’t very much, after considering the time we spend sleeping, and simply keeping ourselves alive such as working and studying, etc. So we need to make certain the things we are doing to build a strong family are effective and valuable as possible.

#1. have a weekly family meeting

Coming together every week is the best way to stay connected as a family. These meetings may not be formal ones, but could be a get-together time to share the thoughts and hearts out on issues. This important channel lets the family to air whatever grievances, sadness or hurts each family member is carrying.

#2. have a regular date night with your spouse

Finding date time with your spouse is as important as planning a family together, as it shows an appreciation to the other that life does not change after marriage and having children in the family.  You could make regular if not frequent date nights simple and free. Think of creative date ideas that both partners could share or love to do, without the children. Set it a priority, as your marriage needs to be nurtured for every other part of your family to hold up well!

#3. Established family ground rules

The setting of family ground rules is necessary as it provides a place of order and peace. Someone must be in-charged in the household. When that person is gone, someone else is to take over and be in-charged. Rules and standards are set in place, as well as positive and negative consequences lined out if rules are breached. Therefore, a clearly defined chain of command, what your family stands for, acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and the benefits you all share by being equally important members of the same team will set everyone up for success.

#4. Operate as a team

A team has a united purpose. To WIN! You want your family to win. To win at getting along, win at taking care of your family, win at liking each other, and win at supporting each other, to name a few. Teach your child that he is part of a team. Work together to accomplish common goals such as taking care of your home. Throw in some fun team-building activities such as house cleaning or cooking together.

#5. go on family outings

A regular family outing helps to bond closeness, apart of having fun and being happy together. It is the children’s favorite memories of family outings in activities such as outdoor trail walk, picnic in a park, or doing a family roller coaster ride in theme park. Get out of the house together every month and show yourselves off to the world.

#6. parent-child dates

You should not wait until your child is older before going on a parent-child date. The earlier you begin going on dates with your child, the more successful and enjoyable they will be. You will notice the sweet closeness bonding and the joy of seeing your child with you that no time could bring back once they outgrown to teenage and adult. Hence, make time for daddy-daughter dates or daddy-son games, and mommy-son dates or mommy-daughter outing. You will have many fantastic chances to invest powerful values in your little one’s life with a simple date, which plays a major role in a child’s early childhood training and education through the guidance of the parents.

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