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The Quiet Glam

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Many women today buy jewelry for themselves, because it’s very rewarding in an “intrinsic” kind of way, and brings in a certain energy or emotion.

Let’s talk about Minimalist Jewelry, also known as “naked jewelry” or “barely there jewelry,” is now trending, affordable and easy to find. The minimalist style is readily available in every type of jewelry. You can find rings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, cuffs, earrings and body jewelry, all in a simple yet stylish form. Minimalist Jewelry is delicate, unfussy jewelry designs that can be worn to subtly enhance an outfit or overall look. … They are usually small pieces with a simple design or band that are either one color or have a small number of neutral stones or details.

Is Minimalist Jewelry for Everyone?

Yes! Minimalist Jewelry can be worn by people who have a super simple and clean fashion style but also people that want to wear bold, big, and bright patterns. The great thing about Minimalist Jewelry is that it is never going to overcomplicate an outfit. It will add a touch of detail without going overboard. The overall effect is very pleasing to the eye as it is a clean design that still allows a polished and refined look. Minimalist Jewelry is versatile and never goes out of trend!

There are no rules when it comes to wearing Minimalist Jewelry.

It’s perfectly fine to try out different looks and mix and match your designs, which might also have a striking effect too. The great thing about this kind of jewelry is that it is petite and elegant. You aren’t going to ruin an outfit by mixing materials or even different stones or designs. Instead, It might add a lovely contrast or focal point to your look.

You could wear the same color metal such as gold, rose gold, or silver or even different materials such as pearls, can create a bold fashion statement. The stacking and layering designs can be applied to bracelets, earrings, or even necklaces. The very nature of Minimalist Jewelry allows you to wear multiple pieces without it looking cluttered or busy.

However, if you don’t feel the need to wear multiple pieces of jewelry, then wearing a  simple necklace or bracelet design can look stunning, without the need for adding more. This is all part of the fun to be creative and expressive of your personal preference when applying and wearing minimal adornments.

In fact, Wearing Minimalist Jewelry can add a touch of glam to your look while still keeping it elegant and sophisticated.

The key to is to have clean, dainty lines, as well as keeping your overall look simple. Pick up pieces with simple lines, and then add them to what you wear in small doses. Do not be afraid to mix it up a little and try out different effects.

Let’s take a further look of choosing minimalist pieces below:

Pick simple, clean pieces

Where Minimalist Jewelry is concerned, you don’t want to get too fussy nor too simple that it’s boring. The key is picking pieces that make a statement while still being minimal, such as single stone in a clean setting dangling off a necklace or set in a ring. A single pearl on slim silver band can be this type of statement piece.

Go bold with geometric pieces 

If jewels or small stones aren’t your style, try geometric pieces. This style creates clean lines with startling shapes. They are bold without being petite or overbearing. Try a geometric bracelet a statement piece with almost any short-sleeved shirt or dress. Often geometric pieces are composed of thin materials, such as finding a bangle that outlines an arrow or square instead of filling it in. 

Try a beaded effect

Most of the Minimalist Jewelry tends to stick mainly metal and chains with a small accent. However you can still have a beaded effect and pull off a minimalist look. The key is to keep the beads small and somewhat muted in color. It can help to minimize how many you wear, such as just having beads on the center part of a chain.

Minimalist necklaces can be a gorgeous addition to any outfit. Simple gold designs with a touch of detail will never be out of fashion, or perhaps a silver one with small stone accents. You could wear a longer necklace and layer it with a simple choker design to really maximize your look. Monogram necklaces or ones that contain a wearer’s birthstone can also be a great way to personalize an outfit.

Pick delicate bracelets

A simple chain bracelet with a small accent piece is a great way to incorporate Minimalist Jewelry into your wardrobe. A bar bracelet is a classic option that can be personalized with an inscription. It adds glamour and elegance to a simple outfit.

However, a singular bracelet can also look incredible. If you wear a watch, think about adding a bracelet that is a similar color or design to really add a little pop of detail to your arm. A gorgeous simple cuff design can look so effective if layered with other bangles of the same design. Minimalist bracelets can be worn effortlessly and easily from daywear to an evening look. Mix and match with other jewelry elements to get the maximum style out of your outfit.

Choose dainty earrings

Simple studs with a touch of shine can be the perfect Minimalist Jewelry. Gold studs with a tiny diamond in the middle add shine but keep your jewelry to a minimum. You can also choose something with a little more whimsy like tiny flower or bows. A pair of small dangle earrings is also a good option.

Minimalist earrings are a great way to go with Minimalist Jewelry as you can pair it with other pieces on the neck, wrist, or hands. When choosing minimalist earnings you might find a slightly greater level of design than other pieces due to their small size in comparison to things like bracelets and necklaces. A contrast of silver and gold in the actual design itself can work beautifully in a small drop pendant design. There is still the Minimalist Jewelry aspect, but with a tiny flash of color gradient in the metals.

If you have multiple piercings in your ears then this is another great way to pair and layer Minimalist Jewelry. You could choose a metal such as gold and have different styles of earrings in each of your piercings. You could have stud designs and drop designs that complement each other. You could even mix it up with a few contrasting stones such as pearl or crystal. This layering device around the ears can be so interesting and unusual, and perfect for any occasion.

Grab a piece of your fav minimalist ring

Let’s face it the best kind of jewelry are pieces that you can wear every day. A lot of ring designs can be striking and bold but not something you can slip on to go to fill up your gas with. A lot of rings can also have important meanings and messages attached to them. Rings such as promise rings, engagement rings, or even wedding rings can take pride of place on our hands for years without us taking them off.

Many ring designs don’t really fit with those types of rings that might be already on our hands. However, minimalist rings can often slip on our fingers and it’s like they have been there all this time! They can usually complement and add to any existing rings we might have on our fingers due to their delicate and simple designs.

Choosing a minimalist ring design can be great as they often work well on just about any finger. And you can swap them over and stack when you feel like it.

Minimalist jewelry is here to stay in terms of accessories.

Make sure you are clued up on the specifics and make room in your jewelry box. It can be lovely to buy a piece of jewelry for a friend or colleague who might need a bit of a pick me up. Or perhaps it’s a special occasion or birthday.

A personalized piece of Minimalist Jewelry could be the perfect gift for them! It is a lovely way to convey a message that they can wear daily to remind them of you and your gift. With the upcoming festive seasons, it will be a good time to explore for the rightful gifts, as jewelry will always have a special place in everyone’s heart when gifting is concerned.

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