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Birthstone Jewelry

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We’ve all worn sparkly and beautiful gems in our rings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.

Amongst these popular gems, birthstones stand out the most. Birthstones are highly popular amongst people with a keen eye for gems and are widely used as gifts. Over the centuries, people have believed that birthstones have diverse powers and can affect individuals.  For instance, certain birthstones help give off positive vibes, whereas others control negativity.

So why do people wear birthstones?

There may be multiple good explanations behind this phenomenon.

Connection bond

Many people believe there is a special connection or the spiritual bond between their character and the birthstone assigned to their birth month or zodiac sign. The bond is determined by the actual birth date and the alignment of stars and constellations as well as ancient gemstone arrangements from the times before Christ.

magical virtues and attributes

There are beliefs that birthstones possess magical virtues and attributes that can bring significant benefits. For instance, sapphire was thought to give wisdom to the wearer, aquamarine was believed to help defeat fears and gain control over emotions, and diamond was worn to foster strength, courage, and fortitude.

protection charm

Birthstones were often used as protection charm. Agate was used as a charm against evil eye and other forms of witchcraft, jasper was thought to be protecting from bites of venomous creatures, and to be safe from the dangers lurking in the darkness some would use peridot.

achieve result

Some people would wear a birth gem to achieve a certain result. Birthstone ruby was worn to reconcile disagreements, topaz – to attract wealth and favors from people with authority, tourmaline – to building relationships with people.

symbolic and medicinal properties

Often wearing of a birthstone is purely symbolic. Amethysts is considered a birthstone of love. St. Valentine was a bishop who popularized amethyst as a sacred symbol of love. Diamond is a used in engagement rings for the very same symbolic reason. While for some others, it was believed that emerald as birthstone had magical medicinal powers to help with stomach aches, or lapis lazuli was considered a remedy that could reduce fever in children.

If you were given a beautiful piece of jewelry set with a gemstone as a gift, would you wear it? The most likely answer is ‘yes’ Everyone wants to feel extra special when celebrating their birthday. No matter what type of jewelry item you’re looking for, birthstone jewelry is a fool-proof present that will certainly make your loved one swoon. They provide a more personal touch to any timeless and unique piece as it best represents their most memorable day of the year.

Birthstone jewelry is an overwhelmingly well-known gift in celebrating life’s milestones, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, anniversaries, and weddings. It is also more personalized, as birthstones are the best ways to showcase your personality with a fashionable accessory.

If you’re looking for a unique birthstone jewelry item for your mother, daughter, or significant other, necklaces are the easiest ones to buy. They come in dainty charm pendants and thin chains that are both feminine and sophisticated in appearance. They also go well in any outfit by adding a dash of beauty and brilliance to your look.

Birthstone jewelry has been a longstanding tradition in our culture for as long as we can remember. Often, these pieces are family heirlooms, and are passed down from generation to generation as they become a unique part of each women’s story. We also see a lot of women looking to add birthstone jewelry to their personal jewelry wardrobes – which is why we launched our collection of November Birthstone Necklaces.

Regal emerald topaz necklace

It is the perfect gift for that special someone born in November. The pendant necklace is delicately created using topaz stone in unusual emerald green color and inlaid with 1.5 carat moissanites sets in 925 sterling silver.

Everyone wants to feel extra special when celebrating their birthday. This lovely piece of birthstone necklace will provide a more personal touch to any timeless and unique piece as it best represents their most memorable day of the year.

round cheery citrine necklace

Citrine is another birthstone for November. It exhibits shades of orange and yellow that November birthstone jewelry usually symbolize light and good energy. This cheerful necklace embodies a round solitaire gemstone with 1 carat D color white moissanite in sterling silver. Beautiful and elegant, it makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, or a special occasion.

In today, we no longer abide by traditional and superstitious beliefs as to how we should wear these gorgeous gems. We can flaunt them whether or not we believe in what they stand for! Birthstones are undoubtedly beautiful and fashionable. Many people like to incorporate their gemstones into custom jewelry as a fun way of celebrating their unique personalities. You can wear them as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings—there are endless jewelry options available on the market today.

Birthstone jewelry can also be inherited as an heirloom. If you’ve received a gorgeous sapphire ring from your grandmother, you can still treasure the piece for its value and sentimentality. For a more personal touch, you can opt to have it customized and added with your birthstone.

So, start transform and elevate your dressing style with this precious birthstones! Check out at MyWishBox for other choice of considerations to mix and match your birthstones with fashionable jewelry.

Happy hunting!


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