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Brilliant Jewelry Gifts For Women

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Struggling to find a special gift for someone special – beloved wife, girlfriend, mom, daughters or similar, who has it all?

Finding gifts for women who have everything can seem impossible. It’s hard to find something that they’ll really love when it seems like everything is already in their jewelry box.

However, there’s always a way to find a unique jewelry gift for even the most stylish women among us. There are so many beautiful pieces available that you’re sure to find something she doesn’t already own — and might not have even thought of!

Inspiring and Meaningful Jewelry Gift Ideas

Giving a piece of jewelry that means something special to her is a great idea. It automatically personalizes your gift and shows you put in the effort. Plus, the odds will be in your favor that she doesn’t already own it.

1. Birthstone Jewelry

Round Cheery Citrine Moissanite Necklace


Birthstones make great gifts for women who have everything. Buying her jewelry with her birthstone also shows that you’re paying attention and really tailored your gift to who she is.

A November baby might love an elegant citrine piece, while a woman born in December would appreciate a piece that includes turquoise. It’s an interesting departure from the usual gems people buy, and the stones will add a dash of color to her outfits when she’s out and about.

2. Glam Pearls

Bold. Exquisite. Impeccable. Explore the collections of earrings and make your own rules.

Some women already have extensive pearl jewelry collections — especially if they live in the South — but a strand of white pearls isn’t the only way to wear this stone of the sea.

Find a necklace that nests a pearl in a flower-shaped pendant or a beautiful, elegant filigree. You don’t even have to stick with white. Try shopping for pearls that are colored pink or gray for an updated version of pearl jewelry. You could even match off nicely with pearl earrings to have a complete glam outfit!

3. Statement Pieces

Style with precious simplicity

A great statement piece of jewelry is a must-have for any style-conscious woman. Gifts for women who have everything can be hard to find, but you can’t go wrong with this.

Chunky jewelry in bold colors adds drama or flair to otherwise understated outfits. If she’s really bold, she can choose her outfit based on a piece of jewelry. These are great choices for people who like to have all eyes on them. Pair up with minimalist earrings to have a complete statement pieces that can be for everyday use.

4. Unique Materials

Pink Romance Crystal Earrings

Why buy her something that she already has? Instead, try to buy jewelry made out of unique materials, so you can add something new to her accessory collection.

How often do you see people wearing moonstone? What about mystic quartz or coral? These are some of the world’s most beautiful stones, but they’re not given as much recognition as things like diamonds.

Break out of the usual jewelry trends and introduce her to something new. She’ll thank you for it!

5. Stackable Bracelets

A bracelet does not have any boundary.

Most women already have a few beautiful bracelets in their collections. They’re usually worn alone, though, depending on the type of look that she’s going for. A set of stackable bracelets, though, make great gifts for women who have everything.

Add a touch of class by buying her a set of bracelets in a variety of complementing metals. The best stackable bracelets interlock or are woven together in some way.

The right set will look gorgeous on her wrist.

No matter what individual styles the women in your life have, you can find a piece of jewelry that they’re bound to love. It’s not just beautiful — jewelry is a thoughtful and useful gift that they can keep and use for years.

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For your special one.

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